0.7: The Color Chapter

Updated the source on my dev environment, and incremented the version from 0.6 to 0.7. I have been reading a great book by Steve Sounders titled “High Performance Web Sites”. Highly recommended, as it provides quick and simple instructions on aspects around how to improve page response times. I implemented some of the items from the book that I had already been preparing for in my code.

Now, all of my assets–JavaScript, CSS stylesheets, icons and images, etc.–are cacheable in the browser, sending appropriate 200/304 response headers. For some reason, though, I was having difficulty getting the Expires and Cache-control: max-age headers to prevent the browser from even sending HTTP requests when it is already cached and hasn’t expired. That item should improve the rendering time, as it currently sends requests only to get the 304 Not Modified response.

Once I get the cache expiration working, I will need to add a cacheable filename suffix or something based on the version of the code so they can automatically expire whenever they’re updated. So, still work to be done there, but at least the 304 response headers reduce the transmission time, since it doesn’t need to send the entire file contents to the end user, when it’s in their browser cache.

In addition to caching assets, I coded logic for setting the initial seeding order of competitors when automatically generating a schedule. Currently focusing only on single elimination tournaments, but it now allows organizers to randomly or manually order the competitors, so tournaments can have the proper matchups based on a season’s final standings, or some other order.

I’ve also started researching social media stuff, because I feel it is important for me to start building a history of content on the various channels in order to have a reputation for search engines to use as a base for their results algorithms.

My “beta testing” team, the group of people I recruited for assistance from my former employer has not panned out as I’d like. I’m not blaming anyone but myself, though, as I could be pursuing their input more, but I figure if they don’t have interest in putting forth effort of their own, then I’m not going to waste their time until I can adequately reimburse them for it. We’ll see how it goes, but I have only received one response from my message about the launch of a public dev environment. I know there’s been a lot going on, with the recent flooding in the area, the organization’s move to a new building, and my camping trip (and much needed tech disconnect). I’ll just continue doing what I’m doing.