and when I walk away, there’ll be no comin’ home


I am going to keep this short because it’s friggin’ Christmas morning and I need to get to bed so I can wake up and do the traditional breakfast at my Mom & Dad’s. They are the best. I really appreciate everything they do for me and I try, on Christmas, to give them something back. This year was the iPod Touch’s. My mom seemed really interested in my Dad’s when he opened it up. I really think that if she started using it, she’d really like it a lot. Just show her how to search apps and games and stuff. I know she’s not a big gamer or something, but Solitaire. Yeah.

Anyways. I have been working hard on the web app. A week or so ago, I began constructing a database. Then, part-way through, I started working on a weird flow chart. Those got scratched and that’s when I started drawing up screen sketches of (pretty much) every screen that one would encounter. There is still much to do, but so far the sketching is completed. After all the sketching was completed, I went through and started creating the seemingly “final” flowchart, which I’m calling the “Application Workflow.”

Once I got home from Duda’s last night, I took a quick power-nap, then finished up the workflow. Used the workflow to find any missing screens that needed to be sketched, at which point I may have had to alter the workflow. So this went back and forth a few times where I had to tweak the workflow in order to fit in a whole sub-routine. But once I came to what I thought was a completed flowchart, I began strategizing the database tables. Once I got home from my Uncle Wally’s tonight (about 11:30), I finished up the database tables. They consume two pages and surpass 40 tables! It’s amazing to me.

Next up, I got to draw up the Database Model in Visio and put in the relationships and whatnot. I really need to get some type of version control, so I can easily share the development evolution.

Happy Holidays!

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