Atari iOS Pong Contest

So, I saw this contest on Engadget about a “Pong” contest being hosted by Atari. Turns out the rules are very much against anyone serious about submitting an entry, mostly because of what you are giving up in the process. Your idea is forfeited to the company, regardless of whether or not you win. And by “win”, you are being asked to do everything you would on your own, with the exception of Atari marketing and profiting from your hard work.

I don’t think I would even be able to enter, obviously because the project gets stunted every time I get burnt out coding at work, but also because the idea isn’t even mine to submit! Ah well, I’m not really trying to make any money off of the game anyways. I just want to see it get done, without me having to code the whole darned thing. I find the art and concept development side of it much more interesting than the coding, for some reason.

I hope that anyone out there reading this isn’t waiting on pins and needles for this project to come to fruition. I really do want to just play this re-made game that I envision. Such is life.