Back On The Grid

Well, there hasn’t been a lot of updating going on here the past few days, as I have been without internet access for at least a week.  I’ll get you up to speed, though…

batchprogram’s suggestion to create a mockup in GameMaker lead me to want to truly understand how the engine works.  I reviewed a bit of their core engine code and toyed with their proof of concept to try to understand it.  I decided the best way to understand how an engine works is to create one of my own.  So, I found this fantastic, albeit incomplete, engine tutorial that really assisted in understanding how to construct an engine around the concepts and logic introduced in GameMaker.  Oh, and to be able to follow it at my own pace was key.  I felt there was enough there to get me started and maybe down the line there will be some more updates.  Either way, it is a great starting point.

Because I have a few examples of code for the gameplay screen (prototypes, mockups, tutorials), I’m going just start with first of three milestones: Title Screen with Menu, Character Selection Screen, Gameplay Screen.

I’m going to be using a lot of the documentation I’ve been building as I think about the project on a daily basis.  The ever-growing Design Document and the Game Workflow Diagram that I have spent a lot of time will help make this process a lot easier.  I also have begun creating graphical assets for the game, like Backgrounds, the HUD, and other Game Objects (as they are apparently called).