Blotted Science

I feel there is an imbalance. As April nears, I find myself wondering what the future will hold. There are two paths that I can see, and each one has a completely different outcome. The left is calculated.  It has been manufactured and paved. It is not my ideal choice. The right is the challenge. I have always seeked the challenge. The stakes are higher, but the rewards are greater.

When it comes to my career, I know who I am, what I’m capable of, and I can foresee my future. It is concrete. When it comes to my family, it is feint. Nothing is certain. I am drawn to that. One day, I will get out of here.

Project ’88 has made a lot of progress. In fact, I may be able to ride it tomorrow. I’ve just got to get the seat on and, then, the brakes. Eh, boy. (3 Watch It Go). It looks beautiful and exactly how I envisioned it. Oh, I have to put the decals on, too.

My friends are doing quite well. I very much enjoy spending time with li’l SS. I can’t help but smile when I am around her and I can see and feel how much joy and happiness she brings to everyone around her. I wish her grandma could see it in person. Kabino has been a true inspiration. I also received some words of wisdom from my Elder-Zan.

It’s time for some more spring cleaning and I’ve got a closet full of baggage that’s weighing me down. It’s about time I take care of it. Or, kick it “…to the.curb.”


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