Building An Empire

I wanna make a web app that lets me listen to music on my iTunes library on my computer at home. So whenever I log into my WiFi, I can listen to my music. Too much to do. Gotta make my StatTracking web app for my stats. Log in w/ ur acct & voila. [none of that is actually up right now] You can go to, log in & track your stats. Gotta do that.

On the shot chart, click an area, it pops up a bubble w/ icons in it. If the click was outside of 3-point land, it shows a 3-ball or a 2-ball. Click on 3 or 2 and it shows X or O in the bubble for made or missed. If way deep 3-point land, it’ll only show 3-ball. If near 3 point line, it shows both. If well inside, it shows on[ly] 2-ball. If in the top of the key circle, it shows 2-ball or FT-ball for free throws.

Up top is the offense/defensive stats. So on offensive, you have offensive rebound, assist, turnover, end game

Defense would be: defensive rebound, steal, block, end game

So the ellipsis icon leads to a menu for doing other things. Save the game. Save the game prompts for the final score. Then saves it.

Fouls. minutes? (time in/time out.

[went off drawing a database diagram. maybe i’ll snap pics one day and you can check it out]

Stats have different categories.
Can send in box score shee.
Both teams send in box score, double verified.
If the league enters the data via recstats, it is triple verified. If recstats was hired to do the tracking or the game is recorded & sent to us, then it is quadruple verified. So maybe, verification levels are bronze-silver-gold-black. Whatever so it can then be narrowed down to age groups, or varsity or whaverr. Can track you stats accross with the whole name. Start a statistician company. do se try to invite schools to do it. Offering them free access. No charge. Like bowling leagues, or my 18-30 league for RaRa. But it can be used to input develop a schedule or they can do manual input of schedule to do it their own way. Have out scheduler create if based on start date and if any known holidays occur, then it asks do you want to skip this week due to [Holiday name].

Wanna talk about Scattegories w/ Duda & his wife, as well as Kabino & Mary, Lil Jon, PFDTS, and J Green. But back to work.

Calendar View? for schedule creation of automatic or manual types. So you just click a + in the calendar day to add a game.

Have option to reschedule or cancel due to incliment weather. On day of, or any day after date has occurred, calendar then becomes the box score or it shows a button to input the box score. By box score, I mean they can enter in final score, or it can be detailed stats like player stats or on day of game it can be live tracking. Where they can enter in the stats as the game goes on. iPad app or somethin.

If the acct is an individual player and mom wants to do stats via the live tracker, they can. This is like a bronze in verification, tho. So when comparing to others in the area, you’ll have to take those w/ a grain of salt. Who knows how good accurate they are. However if the league put ’em in, then that’s a lil better chance of accuracy. But most importantly, the musy put enter in the final score of who won. Thus making the stats final.

People like me can have a “Player Card” which is like your stats of your “career” I guess it’s like your “Lifetime Stats”

Just looked it up thru GoDaddy. It was just created on 12-Nov-10. So like fucking 2 weeks ago! FUCK! I can email the guy, I guess. But fuck. Oh yeah. Have awards or something. Like awards & achievements. Like I dunno, recorded a double-double in silver. Meaning the league recognized a double-doule for you. Some dude could like have a gold triple-double. awards achievements. Any like if the league entered in all the stats for a whole “season” (new name for that) MB then computerized MVP trophy could be determined. So gold level MVP selected by our stat software. Or manual entry for these trophies if the league wanted to enter them in.

We could go back & put in all Professional stats in her eventually. So you could “compare” yourself to the Michael Jorden of Pee-Wee Basketball or something.

Maybe even come up with some algorithm that <- forgot to finish don’t know what to write.

League Leader trophies or awards.

If we could work w/ trophie making companies we could have the leagues order trophies or awards directly thru us or basic uniform services. Like getting jerseys screened & numbered.

__EXCITED!! and a little scared. I just bought the domain name for us. It sounds amazing. Pretty much like Umpire but we are “Empires”. Professional Amatuer Schedulesmiths & Statisticians (Schedule Software, Stat Scheduler)

Whatever. Trying to think of a slogan. But I wanted to say we could order trophies for people on the site. As a individual or something, I dunno. Trying to think of a marketplace to sell things like trophies, awards, customized things, I guess. But who would buy that type of thing, I thought. So I dunno about that. God I love that name. Empire Stats. I’m all in! Need to email my dad & Brother. “Stats tracked by Empire Statisticians” Schedules can be emailed to participants. Tie into their Facebook accounts? Alerts, like an hour before gametime send a text to this # or email the game schedu download the full schedule. I’m tired. More on this later, tho.

Fucking Genius.