Dealing with digital names

Well, I finally decided on a name that I will be using to launch the beta of the software. I found a quality, 11-character domain name that fits the concept of the project, allows for future expansion, and just has a good vibe to it. I have been pondering and writing down name ideas in my brainstorming document, going so far as to create a mind map of terminology that is related to the project.

So, needing a break from the coding aspect, I jumped into Illustrator and started designing various logos and iterating them until I wound up with a solid, simple logo that exudes the concept that I’d like to portray. After locking up the domain name and setting up a quick mailing list signup landing page, I set off to start securing other properties related to the name.

Unfortunately, Twitter, YouTube, and seemingly every other service out there already has the name registered. Sure, I could modify it with underscores, hyphens, or numbers, but that’s not fun. I started reading a bit of material on trademark law, after seeing that Twitter has a “trademark claim request” for trying to claim a vanity username. Naturally, the account has zero tweets and has been inactive for multiple years, but if it takes getting a trademark to secure the Twitter handle, then I’m sure it will come in handy for other services of a similar nature. It’s absolutely essential, in my opinion.

So, on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’m going to start to build what will become the final beta of the product I intend to sell. I’ve gotten some good feedback from my friends and family, so I think it will succeed, with the right amount of effort and care. Success by my measure is providing enough income to allow that to be my primary focus, work-wise.

Revision 50 on the old SVN will be the final revision, which could be considered a very, very early version of the final site. I developed a proof of concept, a prototype, and mocked up many of the HTML pages, with CSS in roughly 10 weeks. That leaves me with about 16 weeks to develop the beta version, before I have to consider outside funding or returning the project to a more secondary role. Let’s see what happens.