Enter: Playcraft

Over the weekend, I did a quick three-day trial with a relatively new JavaScript engine called Playcraft. If you’ve been following this Pong Kombat reboot, you’ll know I’ve shifted focus numerous times. Well, I shift yet again.

After crafting a Pong clone, I can see that the Playcraft engine is designed wonderfully, fulfills my needs, and exceeds my expectations. I was able to rapidly produce a prototype, then start fleshing it out almost to the point that I had gotten to in my own engine.

Sure, Playcraft is still in beta, but it is already much further along than I was at. Custom physics, better object pooling, and particle emitters are just a few of the things that really stand out to me. And there’s so much more in the pipeline. I’m excited to port my existing code over to the Playcraft engine so I can move forward with Pong Kombat.

My goal is to have something tangible for some of next year’s indie festivals, which means time is a real factor at this point. The 40th anniversary of Pong helped, but now it’s up to me to push myself to finish something I’ve been wanting to complete for a few years now. Fortunately, now I have the tools and know-how to be able to craft a new Pong Kombat that matches my vision.