I don’t quite fit your precious little cage

I was able to make some more progress today.  I got the grips and brakes off.  The grips were on pretty good, but i remember putting them on.  I read somewhere to use hairspray and it worked like a charm.  I’ll do some more research to find out what is a better way of  doing this once I start reassembly.  But the hairspray was pretty good.

And to remove the grips, I kind of pulled up on the grip to separate it from the handlebar.  I sprayed a little hairspray in there and then started working the grip around in a circular fashion.  I repeated this process until I was able to start sliding the grip down the tube of the handlebar.  Eventually that thing popped off and the brakes just slide down and off.

I unscrewed the bottom of the stem and took off the ‘bars.  Then  I tried figuring out how to get the stem off of the forks.  I unscrewed a few nuts in the gyro but that did nothing.  So, I found a post on BMXmuseum in the forums using the search tool.  I searched “performer remove stem” and “performer forks” and found somebody suggesting to tap a block of wood to the underside of the stem to loosen it from the forks.

I took out a really long bolt from the middle of the stem, I think the forums were suggesting to leave that in during removal of the stem.  I haven’t got it off yet, but you can be sure I’ll let you know when I do.  The Picasa album is getting large.

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