If It Don’t Make Dollars, It Don’t Make Sense

Looking up “PHP date” on Google to get tot he PHP manual.  I am writing about the date/time combinations & frequencies of my post.  I will randomize the date [display] & have it weighted to the frequency of the types in my real journals.  This may not make sense, but it is what I am thinking so I can remember what to do to my website.

Fuck that.  I’ll just write a function to do the store that value in WordPress. I need to learn how to code for WordPress. In particular, writing modules or whatever.

I’ll write the weighted frequency randomization routine first. Solely on the reasoning that I have PHP in my Safari window. I don’t want to do the extension thing yet.

n/j h:ia n/j/y – [1 occurrence]
n/j h:i – [4 occurrences]
n/j/Y h:ia st char) – [1 occurrence]
n/j h:ia – [2 occurrences]
h:i – [1 occurrence]

I should also do the same with how I write the “cont ->” thing.

cont. -> – [1 occurrence]
more -> – [5 occurrences]
over -> – [1 occurrence]
-> – [3 occurrences]
cont. next -> – [1 occurence]

So I should try n code that tonite. I have a lot of work — (oh yeah) to do.

Gotta finish it up. I need to continue to make it get to the correct place so I can start to write about the topic I was thinking of when I said “oh yeah”.

Mine & Brother’s idea. The AudioInsanity app.

But it is the DNA of music itself. How does music relate to one another. In an enormous amount of data that is associate with that track.

I was talking to Duda and I said related it to a family tree. So, the data that strongly relates to this song, for example, other tracks on this same album. These are really, really related to the track in question. Lets say the song is called Dittohead. You want to find more music like this song? Fuck, the best place to look is on the same CD. So, Killing Fields has a strong relation to Dittohead. This can be though of as “trunk relations”.

Songs from the same CD, same artist, songs on compilations with this song as the “original recording”…

So, the since Tom Araya was the bassist on this song, it would be more likely than not that the song Terrorist by Soulfly would be similar in style since Tom Araya was a featured singer in that song. So Soulfly is related. Hell, Slayer & Metallica are related just by having released albums in the same timeframe. hey both had success in the mid 80’s. These are the strong limbs in the tree of relationships. As you can see, we are creating relationships and categorizing them. WE have a database diagram. Oh and lyrics, too. Keywords and phrases couldor themes could occur in similar artists.

I should do a fucking presentation.

This is it. This is my idea. I’ve spent my life basically doing stuff for others. This is the time I’m asking my hard work be returned. Please come and visit me at my house for h’ordeurves and a presentation by Mr. Slayer.

w/ the logo. individual signed & numbered.