Ignore These Weak-Ass Trends

Awesome.  I asked on the BMXmuseum how to get that darn stem off, and the guys there really helpedI was searching around for a bit, but couldn’t figure it out until psychodudcycles explained it.  But now that I was able to get that off by malleting the bolt while it was screwed into the hidden wedge that was inside of the fork tube.  That kinda broke it free, and I was able to slide the stem right on out.  I also pretty much disassembled the rest of the bike!

I got the seat and the chain removed, in addition to the stem and gyro.  The gyro pretty much just screwed off of the forks, and I made sure to lay them out: nut, brake line holder thingy, washer, smaller nut, chrome brake line holder thingy, and then the bearings were inside, face up.

The seat post was attached to the frame by an allen wrench bolt through some sort of seat clamp.  That clamp came off the frame, too, but I had to pry it open a little bit with a flat head screwdriver.  The chain stumped me for a few minutes, until I finally found one chain link that was different.  Instead of dipping in like an eight, it was more flat, like a zero.  I was able to use the aforementioned screwdriver to pop the link cap off and get the chain outta there.

It’s easier to show, so take a look at the latest pictures in the Picasa album.

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