I’ll Be Just Fine

Fuckin’ fina-fuckin-ly got that damn pedal off. For anyone who might be reading this thinking, “why the hell is it taking him so long to take apart a bike?  I can do that in like 15 nanoseconds,” let me explain.  I do not know very much about tools and I rarely got my hands greasy working on stuff growing up.  I mean, I used a hammer to hit things that hurt my hand, and a screwdriver and allen wrenches to take apart some electronics.  But, I haven’t done so much “man” work, I guess you could call it.  So, this is all fairly new to me.

That said, I finally got the pedal off, by simply using the correct tool for the job, a tool which my crappy tool kit did not contain.  So, I went to Ace Hardware and got a little multi-toolkit that is “designed for the garage”.  Sounds like it’ll be a nice-to-have.  More importantly, it had the crescent wrench that I needed to get the pedals off.  It was a dusty li’l thing, on the opposite site of the aisle from all the newer, supposedly nicer toolkits were. But those just had a bunch of wregular wrenches, no adjustable.  And I didn’t want Murphy’s Law coming into play again.  So I bought the dusty, though new, kit and took it to the counter.  Didn’t even have a price tag or anyhting.  Turned out to be 15 bucks.

Anyways, once I got the pedal off, I was easily able to remove the entire crank assembly and lay it out on the floor.  Pics have been added to the Project #88 Picasa album.  The notched washers on the crank side were on pretty good.  I had to use a screwdriver and tap it with a mallet to loosen ’em enough for me to twist them off by hand

Next up, I’ve got to get that front brake off…

Oh yeah, Brother got his bike shipped in today–a magenta-and-white 1988 GT Vertigo, just like he used to have back then.  Makes me want to continue workin on mine so I can ensure it is ready for 2012.

P.S. Happy birthday Kabino!

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