Hello. This is the start of an exciting project for me. I have always wanted to make a video game, and I am finally giving myself an opportunity to do so, using the Microsoft® XNA Game Studio. I have zero experience in video game development, and if I complete my goals, and the end product is what I hope for, then this can be a lesson to all who have a passion for something and aren’t afraid to learn.

I’ve read many articles and blogs about getting into game development, and all of them say to start small, develop something easy, then move on. I do not have the desire to do that, and since I have at least some experience in programming, I don’t think I will be overwhelmed. I just mainly have to figure out how to accomplish what I want.

So, my goal is to remake a classic game from the mid-90’s that should be okay (legally) to do. In 1994, a fellow by the name Stefan Gagne wrote a computer game called Pong Kombat for a high school project. The game, which was basically Pong with attacks and fatalities, was a big hit on the internet. There were some sequels made by other fans of the game, but I just remember the original.

Pong Kombat is going to be my first video game and my first XNA project.

A Little About Me

Since these Pong Kombat articles are going to be on my personal journal website, I won’t go into great detail about myself. But for those who are here just to learn about the development process, here is quick description. I am currently a web developer for the credit union industry, and I specialize in developing web-based applications in PHP. At twenty-six, I have had roughly thirteen years of experience in web development from personal projects to my professional career. In my spare time, I really like to design apparel, so I have some artistic background.

Over the course of the development, I will try to write about all of the major milestones and how I accomplished some of the interesting pieces.

Thank you for your interest,

Jeff “Mr. Slayer” Jenkins

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