iPhone Web App

I’ve decided to make an iPhone Web App. It all started when I was trying to see how to add a bookmark to a web page on my iPhone’s home screen. (Of course, it’s as easy as clicking the plus sign in Safari and clicking “Add to Home Screen”.) But, I did stumble across this one website that had an article on “How to Make an iPhone Webclip Bookmark”. You can visit that site here. That got me starting to think about how to create a web app that resembles an iPhone app. You see, I am a web developer at heart, and I don’t have any Macs at home, so I like to do things this way.

I have this webpage called “What I Want To Eventually Buy…” and it is basically just a huge list that when I see something I want, but can’t immediately afford, I put it on this list. Then, when my parents ask me “What do you want for Christmas?”, I just say, “Go to this website…” It started out me editing code every time I wanted to add something. Then, I got sick of doing that, and made it database driven, so I just have to update a database. Now, I am making a iPhone-styled web application that will allow me to view and input data just like I would a Contact on the iPhone.

So far, I have fully programmed a Lock Screen. Obviously, I don’t want people just jumping in on my backend and editing and deleting shit. So, first is the lock screen.  I just finished the functionality and basically what it does is prompt you for a password.  When you enter the correct password, it boots you to a “Hello, World!” screen.  This will be the next step, is developing that page.  It should be like the Contacts list, but instead, my Want list.  With a little plus sign to add a new item in the upper right.

Here’s a ZIP file of what I am calling “version 0.1”.  This is everything I have up to this point.

The main page is not going to work, since it has to connect to a database.  But the Lock Screen should pop up, if you copy all this shit to a server and visit “Want/?admin” or “Want/admin.php” (same thing).