Minor Milestones, Three and Counting…

The project has been coming along rather nicely, albeit slowly.  I am doing this in my spare time, after all, but that’s beside the point.  I spent a great deal of time since the last post working on the Engine.  That’s an entire story in and of itself, which I may get around to writing in more detail.  It essentially was required in order for me to really understand how it all works.  I probably could have continued on with the Reaper engine that batchprogram had showed me, but I felt it was more important for me to create my own from scratch, so I know exactly what everything is doing.  It was quite a tall task, and I read and followed along to a few really good tutorials on the subject matter.  The Pong Kombat Engine is basically a mashup of the ideas and principals outlined in the demos on the App Hub and the tutorials, like Innovative Games’ and Riemers, I found via Google.

The Engine has this Screen Management built into it, which drives the transitions between screens.  So far, I was able to create a loop of Splash Screens.  Y’know, to show off some cool logo, since I love working in Adobe Illustrator.  There absolutely has to be some type of “company”, even if it isn’t some for-profit corporation.  Anyways, after the Splash Screens transition off, the Title Screen comes on.  I haven’t got it completed yet, but that’s because I haven’t got around to coding the Paddles, yet, and those Sprites will be what I want to use.

The third milestone is the Menu System.  I was able to get the initial Title Menu to popup in an overlay fashion that kind of darkens the background.  The each Menu Item can be selected and you can even exit the game via the Menu!  It all sounds like a very minor update, but I think by building this custom engine now, I am going to more easily create new Screens and Game Objects.