My strength is in numbers

As usual, it’s been a while since I wrote anything regarding the ’88 GT Performer.  I had expected this process to take the whole winter, so I purposefully started early so I could spread out the acquisition process.  I have been researching online for some replacement parts, since some of the originals have got a little too much rash goin’ on, or they were aftermarket parts.

Since my previous update, I’ve secured some new GT Mohawk hubs, ACS 860 brake calipers and levers, a 1st Gen. Odyssey gyro and a new decal set that I am going to try and get a custom-made one created.

I’ve still got to get a few more parts: pegs, fork standers, and I’d like to get a GT Powerdisc, but those are seemingly difficult to find in an unused condition.  Oh yeah, I have to research the crank and pedals, some more.

I hope to have secured the remaining “essential” parts by the end of the year.  That way, I can have them sent out for chroming and powdercoating throughout the month of January.

I made a mockup in Photoshop of what I want the end result to look like.  I am excited to keep going, but I am patient.

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