Next Step: iPhone 6

Last year, I waited in the morning line to acquire an iPhone 5s. This year I just went in around lunch time and simply waited for 1 person, before an AT&T salesclerk could cater to my needs. It still took over an hour.

Day 1 ExploitI didn’t preorder the phone, but fortunately for me, I was able to get the one I wanted, since the larger model, the iPhone 6+, was unavailable when I went in. I’ll remember to preorder my model for next year. You see, I’ve bought into the fact that I pride myself in keeping up to date with the latest tech gear, so I was sold on AT&T’s Next 12 plan, where I simply pay a monthly fee for the device and can trade it in after 12 months, as opposed to the traditional 2-year cycle.

After crunching the numbers, it turns out that it equates to essentially the same price (in fact it’s slightly cheaper) if you were to buy the phone outright, then resell it next year to pay for the next model. I just don’t have the hassle of reselling my device and simply turned it in at the AT&T store I purchased it from.

The only reason it took a long time is because of some AT&T issue where their computer system wasn’t recognizing my device as an AT&T device, for whatever reason. The associate was friendly, but I wish it didn’t take so long.

After getting the phone home, I started configuring it with my new Apple ID, iQuantastical (since Quantastical is taken, dagnabbit). Exploring some of the new features on the first day is always exciting for me. I could always use the developer account to get the beta versions early, but seeing it perform on the new hardware as it should, without beta bugs, is an experience that reminds me of opening a new video game from the store and plugging it in. So, I don’t like seeing or messing about with something that’s not ready.

Yet, I still encountered one bug today where the overlay blur when viewing Spotlight Search on the home screen didn’t render appropriately. I half-jokingly told my friend when I showed him, “It should just work 100% of the time.” Other than that, there were just a few minor graphical glitches when organizing my icons and personalizing my settings.

The phone itself feels great, but I can definitely tell that it is bigger. I have trouble reaching the top of the screen, even with large hands, so I find myself using the Reachability double-tap feature often. I feel like that’s an annoying and unnecessary extra step to just being able to touch the thing you want without having to think. I’m sure my hands will get used to the new size, or I’ll develop muscle-memory for the Reachability, but I can’t even imagine using the 6+ as a primary mobile device. That’s just my preference, though.

The rounded edges of the casing do make edge swiping much more natural to the touch. However, I do find the iPhone slipping out of my hands, which scares me a little, since I opted out of the insurance policy and case. I don’t know if it’s because of the smooth edging, the increased size, or just the way I cautiously hold a brand new thing, but that needs to be addressed.

I’ll explore more of the apps later, but now that I got my phone set up, I need to transfer my old contacts over to the new Apple ID account. What are your thoughts on the iPhone 6?

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