DTE Energy Renewables

Under the direction of a designer colleague while at Vectorform, I created the update for the Renewable Energy section of DTE Energy’s website.

This consisted of more than a handful of content pages, with various functionality requirements for each. Once I completed and handed off the source code, DTE Energy integrated it into their existing content management system (CMS).

The interactivity utilizes jQuery, but I felt it was best to avoid any additional libraries to keep response time high. Some content is driven off of JSON files that are editable in their CMS, whereas some content is derived from 3rd party JSONP responses that tie directly into the solar panel grids across the state for getting real-time information.

The Wind Energy page contains a modal image viewer and a rotating banner I custom made. The charts on the Solar Energy page are generated via AJAX requests to 3rd party services. The Project Map page contains a custom build interactive map of Michigan for displaying the ongoing Renewable Energy projects across the state, based on JSON data editable via their CMS. There is also an image carousel, an accordion FAQ, and an AJAX rendered news feed using an XML source.