MDT’s Employee Portal

While employed at Member Driven Technologies, I took the initiative to convert their purchase order system from Excel spreadsheets into a database with a data entry screen that resembles the printed documents. This evolved into a suite of custom internal applications that, together, comprised the Employee Portal.

The portal dashboard featured a permissions-based app selection dock, similar in style to the Mac OS X magnifier dock, and set of clocks depicting our national clients’ local times. The clocks were built in Flash and employees were able to select from a number of classic and humorous clock faces, both analog and digital (and even binary!).

The application suite comprised of a purchase order system (with a hierarchal approval process), an asset management system, a budgeting tool, a graphical reporting tool populated from phone call records in a CSV file format, a source code library with full-text search, and a time tracking tool with holidays,  approvable paid time off, and an employee directory.

The massive project evolved over time, integrating multiple MySQL databases, domains, and user systems.