NBC News | Photos

A custom photo gallery viewport for NBC News that was targeted exclusively for the Xbox Internet Explorer platform that launched in the Fall 2012 update. The design was for, in industry terminology, “a 10-foot user interface,” meaning the viewer would be sitting roughly ten feet away from the screen, as compared to sitting at a desk.

Vectorform’s Seattle office provided the connection to Microsoft and NBC News, who wanted to promote the launch of their first console-based web browser, by creating an interface capable of being manipulated by a video game controller. Content was delivered to the app through an XML-based service, provided by NBC News. Developing for Internet Explorer has always had its quirks, but it turned out to be not nearly as bad as I imagined when I was provided the Microsoft internal documentation for their, at the time, unreleased platform.

If I had to pick out the worst aspect of IE for Xbox, I’d have to say it was not being able to press F5 to refresh! I had to take my hands off the keyboard, grab the controller, joystick the cursor to the top of the screen and press the A button. If anything, it helped make me want to code as much as possible, as accurately as I could, to minimize refresh cycles.