Play Fanta: Saving The Source

Play Fanta: Saving the Source is a digital graphic novel featuring lovable Fanta characters on a quest to have fun. Follow them on an adventure like you’ve never seen before.

I was hired by Vectorform initially because of the assistance they needed in developing some browser-based mini-games for a marketing campaign for Coca-Cola subsidiary Fanta, orchestrated by Ogilvy & Mather. The project consisted of a small team creating a interactive graphic novel framework, much like a comic book, embedded with social media, videos, and video games.

I ended up writing a 2-D game engine using HTML5’s canvas and plain ol’ JavaScript capable of running on any modern browser: phones, tablets, desktops. At the time, jQuery and other framework based engines were a bit immature and, having never released a game before, I set off to learn as much about it as possible. So, naturally, I wrote the engine myself from scratch.

The games (and novel) are completely localizable, currently translated into 35 languages. Challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter to high scores in Gigi’s Yo-Yo GameFloyd’s Jetpack GameTodd’s Van GameLhava Twins’ Skating Game, and Lola’s Fizz Fazer Game.

The campaign won FWA’s Site of the Day on July 1st, 2013.