Pong Kombat Blog

Growing up in the 90’s, I recall battling against my brother in a computer game called Pong Kombat, a quirky mashup of Atari’s Pong and Midway’s Mortal Kombat, playing on the success of the fighting franchise.

Having found so much enjoyment and humor in the original title by Gagne Software, I have used the concept in a number of recreation attempts, including Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio, Android’s Java, and even JavaScript-based engines, like Playcraft Labs. While never quite getting any of those pet projects to a publicly reviewable state, I did manage to create a custom WordPress theme and write a number of developer journal entries showing my progress.

The effort was not in vain, however, as much of my experience here led to me developing my own JavaScript 2D game engine for Vectorform and Fanta’s Saving The Source marketing campaign. One day, though, Kombat will return. Pong Kombat, that is.