This site I designed and created, during my tenure at Office Depot, is really just mashup of random humor some friends and I came up with while enjoying a frosty beverage or two. It was called RobinsonShot after, well, you just have to read the “True Hollywood Story” about Sammus Robinson.

I used this website as a playground for me to explore CSS properties, like overflowable block elements, and SQL. The RobinsonShot site was a small, rudimentary social network, featuring user authentication, image and video uploads, comments, and even a recipe database!

Everything was database-driven, including the Shottie the Shot Glass character quotes on our main page. This is truly a testament to our imagination. It even went so far as to have a streaming audio player, called DrunkFM, featuring only alcohol-related music, like David Allen Coe’s “Jack Daniels, If You Please” and The Door’s “Roadhouse Blues”.