Win Lose Play

Win Lose Play is a software suite and social network for competitive people, providing league and tournament scheduling, basic & advanced statistics tracking, and coaching & team management tools. It’s concept my dad first came up with back when I was playing little league. I advanced the idea and began pursuing it full-time because it gave me a reason to learn every aspect of web development: back-end, front-end, social media, marketing, sales, management, design, and more. It’s proved to be very ambitious and very difficult, but I aim for it to be my best example of what I’m capable of.

It will certainly evolve, but right now it is a SQL database-driven web application built atop a MVC (model-view-controller) architecture I built in PHP. The framework allows me to present a REST-like API (create, update, delete) to developers and administrators who wish to tie into our web service. It utilizes jQuery and CSS media queries to create a fully responsive environment that can be displayed and easily navigated on any device.

Although still in it’s early stages, the project provides limitless opportunity to explore new technology and incorporate them into tools for recreational and competitive players of all backgrounds, skill levels, and interests.