Programming Apparel

I’ve been interested in art and technology pretty much my entire life. Adobe Illustrator paired my programming and development skills with my artistic and creative abilities.I also kind of “despise” fashion, in that I prefer to wear only things that I really wish to promote. Cannibal Corpse is a great band and I like to throw people off with their gory apparel. I have absolutely zero interest in overpaying for a half-inch emblem of a guy on a horse.

Thus, I enjoy creating t-shirt designs and have started to build some articles related to web development, programming, and other geeky/nerdy topics. Currently, I’m running everything through Zazzle, but hopefully I will be able to break feee from their limitations. Here are some of my most recent and favorite designs:

Note: you can customize the designs on various products, men’s and women’s shirts, hats, tablet and phone cases, etc.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Linux & Apache & MySQL & PHP


Frontend Developer

Peace, Love, Code

Customizable #Hashtag

Open/Close Body Tag



HAHA Explanation


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