Well, it’s been a while since the last update, and I think I should get everyone up to speed.  As you can see, the Atari Pong® Indie Developer Challenge has now ended, and Pong Kombat wasn’t selected.  I really didn’t think that it would, anyways, considering it wasn’t a 100% original idea, which automatically disqualified it from participation, according to the terms and conditions.  I went ahead and entered, just to try to motivate me to keep working on the project, when the sunny days pulled me away from the computer.

Congratulations to all the other participants and the eventual winner, Pong World.  I kept up with the contest, watched all the videos, and was impressed with the creativity and quality of some of the projects.  My goal is to release something that rivals, or exceeds, the quality of those participants.

So, about the state of the project.  It has now shifted gears, yet again.  Originally, I was to develop on the Android platform, as I had an Android phone at the time.  Then, I converted to XNA, as I attempted to make something for the Xbox Live Indie Games (formerly Xbox Live Arcade).  When, the Atari contest came about, I decided to try developing it for iOS.

All of those partial projects are still in the vault, but they all have one thing in common.  I’d have to abide by the rules of the platform and the conditions for submitting the game, along with limiting the target audience. It goes against everything I want out of a game, and against the indie nature of the project.

To coincide with my new employment venture, which I’ll be developing primarily in JavaScript, I’ve decided to build the game in HTML5.  The project is well underway, using the knowledge I’ve gained through my first attempts, along with my long history of professional and personal web development.  As an added bonus, I should be able to write the code once, and have it functional on any device that has a modern web browser!  I can already picture playing on my HTPC against someone using an iPhone.

I’ll leave you with evidence, a screen grab from the build on 8/18: