Re-learning Linear Algebra

Well the game has been coming along rather nicely, likely due to the knowledge that I gain while completing tasks for Vectorform.  I have stripped out an engine from the previous incarnations of the project, to create a JavaScript Game Framework.  While it is certainly adding a lot of additional overhead and causing a lot of work up-front, in the long run I think it will all pay off.

Instead of utilizing a 3rd party tool, learning another engine, or compiling from some other source, I am actually creating a game engine from scratch that can be used for 2D games.  I don’t know what’s going to come of it, but I am certainly learning a lot about how games actually work, and why they wanted me to take all those math and physics classes in high school and college.

While you can certainly get by without knowing off the top of your head how to create a rotation matrix and apply that to a translation vector (hell, I’ve been gettin’ by just fine), I am now able to see how beneficial it is to programming something that resembles physics or particle effects.  I’ve been re-learning a lot of Linear Algebra the past few days, but it will make coding everything that much easier in the future.

I have been working on adding vector and matrix calculations to JavaScript, using Wolfire Games’ excellent blog posts, various math-related websites, and a few articles on Wikipedia.  Everything’s coming along rather nicely, have a look for yourself…

Even though all the source code is available right there, I may need to tweak or modify it before I can, I dunno, promote it or distribute it as a tool for JavaScript developers.  If you’ve got any comments or notice anything, feel free to comment, and perhaps you can help make it better.


It appears that the construction of these types of objects are a Garbage Collector’s nightmare and my engine logic must be rethought.