Showdown is a clothing brand that was originally thought up of by Zach and PFDTS.  I really don’t remember the time that I met them guys, but Duda introduced us at some point.  I remember seeing the tank logo on PFDTS’ shirt a long time ago and just thought to myself “fuck that’s a bad ass logo and name.”  It fits perfect, and since those guys were skating all the time, it seemed like something I really wanted to get into.

I came up with the Showdown silhouette logo shortly after.  The earliest stuff I have is from Sept. 23, 2003, but it all started I think the year before.  I remember losing a bet to these guys playing cards one night in Zach’s garage.  $200 I lost.  They used the money to buy the domain name and our initial run of shirts.  We did a photoshoot in Duda’s garage where we all wore bandanas, and I made a jail lineup picture out of it.  People thought we were some new gang or drug dealers or something.  We were just having a good time, partying, hanging out and everything.

After we had the jail lineup picture out on the ‘net, there was a pep rally where people were wearing bandanas and a chant broke out “Shutdown Showdown!”  Un-fuckin’-believable!  It just was more publicity for us.  We sold some shirts, then a bunch of shit went down and the group pretty much disbanded in late 2007 or 2008.  No need to go into specifics, but I still tried to come up with ideas and continue to keep in touch with everyone.

Haven’t done a whole lot since 200,9 but it is always in my heart to want to continue and try to make it work.  I still rep Showdown merch that I paid for and hope that I can continue to do so.  The domain ( is still in our control, so we still have the option to work with it.

Maybe one day the Showdown Army will rise again.