Strategyze and Mobilize

So, again, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote. Progress is constantly being made, though. I’ve been working with a friend on my business model using a 3rd party tool called Strategyzer.It’s a simpler way of seeing the “big picture” than writing a big 20-page business plan and it allows me to break down the entire project into smaller pieces. This way, if the business appears to be “failing,” I can just figure out what piece is failing and tweak that to ensure that the business can succeed as a whole. I really like the thought of that.

I’ve still got quite a bit of programming to do, but a significant amount has been completed. I technically have a working product that can be consumed, but I certainly don’t want people consuming it while it looks like an alpha product. So, I was thinking of returning to my former employer, Vectorform, to see if I could hire a UX architect or a designer of some sort. I thought about that for the past week or so and I will likely try to get in contact with them before the end of the month.

However, I also am very interested in learning as much about the process as possible. My dad thinks I’m a great designer and artist as it is, so I started reading and researching about creating a mobile design. The navigation on Win Lose Play is kind of unique, so I started by downloading a trial of Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop. This software is awesome. I had done something similar using Google Docs, but this allows me to visualize things much more accurately and prepare for handling designs across multiple designs.

After plugging away at that for a while, I started designing something in Illustrator and it really started looking good. I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along, and with some tweaking, I think the design I created is just as good as what anyone else might make. It’s simple and clean, colorful, and unique. I think it’s perfect, but I’m sure someone with a lifetime of history in design would be able to do better.

My new goal is now to finish designing the mobile, tablet, and desktop experience and try to get a live beta going by the end of next month. Then, maybe, all I’ll have to do is get Vectorform on board to take it to the next level.