Hello, I’m Jeff and I was ♪ booorn in the USA.

I am many things, but most commonly, I am a creator of visions. I translate ideas and thoughts into alternative languages that can be interpreted by any device.

More specifically, I programmatically write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL, either individually or in conjunction, in order to construct artistic and statistical software that responds to the ever-evolving, ever-expanding Internet.

You might consider me a web developer, a software engineer, a database administrator, a user experience designer, a graphic artist, a technologist, a lifehacker, a geek, or your company’s computer guy. I simply consider myself a web master, even if that term feels dated.

If you have an app concept, a website idea, or just want more time to explore your interests by eliminating redundant tasks, let’s chat over some coffee, beer, or a match of table tennis or billiards.

This blog is a compilation of my introspection and experiences throughout life. It will evolve much like myself, but it’s roots are in knowledge and expression and my pursuit thereof.

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