After getting my page setup, I figured I should tackle my primary communication services before diving into all of the other offerings out there, allowing me to use them to promote my experiences with each.

I’ve grown accustomed to using Facebook for my personal network and LinkedIn for my professional network. Then, there’s Twitter. I don’t really know about it, but it seems to be just like every other social network, with the obvious 140-character limit trait that made it popular in the first place.

They recently revised their design and although I don’t particularly care for it, it is at least better than having big advertisement background images distracting everyone from their profiles. The new design is a lot cleaner and (presumably) more responsive, but it doesn’t offer very much customization.

While you can select a full-width header image (1500px x 500px) and a square profile icon, beyond that there’s little that can be done. You can enter a small blurb of descriptive text and pick a few theme colors and that’s about it. I don’t know how much else I would need though, and that just goes to show how simplicity can be very effective, with Twitter serving as suitable model.

Twitter Alignment Pains

One thing I didn’t like was how the two images (header and icon) work in the various consumption methods. For example, on desktop browsers, the icon is displayed left aligned, giving your header graphic a lot of visible space on the rightmost two-thirds. But, unfortunately, doing anything clever with the space, like adding some text or positioning something as a focal point for the end user, has to be done in only the right-most portion of the image, because when viewed on a mobile browser or app, the profile picture is centered, covering up a lot of the middle portion.

Not a big deal, but it definitely takes some work to get everything visibly pleasing on all the various formats. Other than that, I was very happy to be able to continue using my existing account @MrSlayer and simply rename it to @Quantastical, allowing me to retain my tweet history and followers/following lists.

I did encounter one weird glitch when viewing in full-screen Safari on my 2013 MacBook Air. Scrolling up, for some reason, causes a graphical flicker of the header image when the icon animates off-screen. Also, the tooltips don’t respond well to wheel scrolling while hovering over the contextual button. Very minor, but annoying nonetheless.

If your on the Twitter, look me up and follow me, @Quantastical, for all of my updates and other interesting nuggets I find on the web.

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