Using Leo’s “Baby Steps” Approach…

Y’know, that Bill Murray movie, What About Bob?, where he is always bugging Richard Dreyfuss’ character about their book, “Baby Steps”?  It’s kinda like that.

I spent the past week playing around with GameMaker, and after I got the Proof Of Koncept built in the software, I decided to try and replicate the rest of batchprogram’s original prototype.  I tidied up the gameplay screen by adding in life bars, announcement text and special moves.

I was able to get pretty far using the drag-n-drop functionality provided in GameMaker, but it wasn’t until I read a tutorial that had me start using the Code Editor that I really started rolling.  I knew the biggest thing holding me back was understanding how things are drawn to the screen and using GameMaker has helped significantly in getti
ng this concept to be understood.  I was even able to make a title menu screen and a situational game ending.  I can’t wait to build on from here.

So, I started drawing up some up the final Koncept Art that I’ll be using to generate the assets for the game.  I can’t wait to show it to all zero of you readers, but patience is virtue.  I’ll plan out how all the screens are going to interact and draw up finalized mockups so I don’t have to waste any time doing this when I’m in the middle of a coding session.